Welcome to Spice Sanctuary
Welcome to Spice Sanctuary

Spice Sanctuary is an international company offering a unique range of multi-award winning, premium, certified organic specialty single spices and multi-purpose spice blends and seasonings which are proof positive that not all spices are created equal.

Designed to elevate the versatility and purity of flavour available to the discerning foodie, clean eating enthusiast and avid home cook, our spices and spice blends also effectively reduce sodium and sugar intake because they are pure spice – all certified organic, never irradiated, never fumigated, always non-GMO, and free from silicon dioxide, maltodextrin and any other non-spice ingredients.

Backed by clear provenance, Spice Sanctuary spices are ethically sourced directly from single estate farms and co-ops and subject to further selective sourcing for premium grades. And if that wasn’t enough, they are all hand harvested and minimally processed to protect their essential and volatile oils, enabling us to bring to the marketplace the highest quality, freshest and purest spice selection available.

Experience for yourself our Great Taste winners including Asafoetida or Sweet Delight Spice Blend!

Indulge in hot and smoky dishes using Smoked Black Pepper, Smoked Paprika or Smoked Cumin.

Reap the benefits from health supporting Alleppey Turmeric, Smooth-y-Golden Milk Blend or True Cinnamon!

Or simply enjoy the ease with which you can travel the world from your kitchen with our international blends inspired by Moroccan, Mexican, Jamaican, Thai, British, North American and Indian cuisines with more to come!

Available in Canada, the UK and the USA, whether you are motivated by choosing organic and ethical ingredients for clean and healthy eating or you enjoy and appreciate gourmet and great tasting food, our line of hand harvested and directly sourced organic spices, seasonings, rubs and blends support the lifestyle you lead by making cooking easy, exciting and super delicious!

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